Youcan Robot BW Space Once Again Set Off a Wave of Technology in Hong Kong

Release Date: October 24, 2018

Following the 4th Japan Robot Week 2018, BW Space also performed well at the Hong Kong Global Sources Mobile Electronics. On October 18-21, 2018, the 2018 Hong Kong Global Sources Mobile Electronics (Autumn Edition) was held. Youcan Robot brought the latest product—— BW Space intelligent tracking underwater drone to the Maker Space.

In this exhibition, Mr. Hu Zifeng, Chief Technology Officer of Youcan Robot, John He, Overseas Sales Manager, and a R&D engineer, joined forces to promote BW Space underwater drone. They communicated face-to-face with customers, recording consumer demand and collecting large amounts of market information, which reflects excellent professional and negotiation skills of the Youcan Robot team. BW Space won orders from customers in the United States, South Korea, Italy, Finland, Dubai, Japan, Hong Kong as well as other countries and regions.

Youcan Robot Team

Youcan Robot Team

Global Sources Mobile Electronics had 3,700 booths to showcase mobile electronic devices, VR/AR products, wearable products and mobile electronic accessories. In the competition with many products, how did BW Space stand out and win cheers of visitors?

First attracted by the appearance: the gorgeous appearance and the beautiful lines of BW Space in an instant attracted many visitors to stop and watch. BW Space features a user-friendly handle design and is comfortable to carry. Its beautiful appearance in black and white looks classic and highlights its charm. BW Space combines speed and passion without losing the practicality of the product. Many visitors greatly appreciated its cool and stylish appearance, customers who placed orders on the spot were in an endless stream.

Falling in love with its "talent" : BW Space is the world's first intelligent underwater drone. It applies image recognition and intelligent tracking technology to underwater drones for the first time, which enables it to recognize the target person within 0.5-5 meters and lock onto the target. The automatic tracking and shooting mode makes underwater shooting smarter and smoother. Not only that, but it also has automatic lighting adjustment and live broadcast function, can take 4k high-definition video and go as deep as 100 meters underwater with a battery life of up to seven hours. All this attracted agents from all over the world.

The gorgeous design and excellent product quality made BW Space once again attract the attention of the media. John He, Overseas Sales Manager of Youcan Robot was interviewed by a reporter from Global Sources at the exhibition.

John He, Overseas Sales Manager of Youcan Robot Was Interviewed by a Reporter from Global Sources at the Exhibition

John He, Overseas Sales Manager of Youcan Robot Was Interviewed by a Reporter from Global Sources at the Exhibition





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