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Professional Focus

Our team is made up of an elite industry of professionals, focused on R&D. We’ve successfully launched 4 generations of UAVs, with more on the way.


Our engineers have created brand new technology and smart design into the underwater UAV space, with a keen eye for detail.

Quality Service

Our knowledge of AI and commitment to the products means that we offer top tier customer and partner support. 

Youcan Robot was founded in 2016 by a team of engineers and visionaries committed to intelligent technology and global exploration. Since the beginning, our team has pursued excellence in every aspect of our business, with the goal of bringing new and exciting solutions and tools that can be used on both a recreational and professional level.

Our first product took 6 years to develop, as we carefully engineered both its hardware and software components according to our exacting specifications. Known as the BW Space, it was the first underwater drone equipped with intelligent tracking capabilities. We followed that up with the BW Space Pro, which became the first underwater drone with zoom functionality, 4K video recording, and the ability to dive nearly 100 meters.

It was these products that launched Youcan into one of the leading designers of underwater exploration products. We continue to invest in research and development, and have launched branches throughout Asia, including Shanghai, Zhejiang, Tokyo, and Suzhou.

We’re proud of the work that we do. But we’re also not finished, and we’re excited to bring you with us on our journey to becoming the leading name in drones and robotics.

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Our Research and Development Story

Our investment into R&D is at the heart of everything that we do. There’s a saying that goes “every 1% detail comes from 100% effort.” We have an entire team of engineers and designers that have poured their hearts into their research and testing, moving our products from idea to creative blueprint to structural design to production.

It was due to these efforts that we were able to produce the advanced underwater drone products that you see today. Our focus continues to be on innovation and quality. We continue to research new technologies in the underwater robots and drone space, and have completed several quality assurance certifications including CE, UL, PSE, FC in both Europe and the United States.

Youcan Technical Committee

Li Zhiqin
Founder and CEO

Youcan Robot was founded by Li Zhiqin. Li had over 20 years of experience working in electronic video processing and R&D manufacturing. His resume includes research and development with Shanghai Radio and Television, Dongjie Electric, Mstar, Techwell, and other internationally renowned hardware and semiconductor companies. He brings his management and research experience, combined with intimate knowledge of supply chain efficiency to both Youcan and its products.

Xu Zhixiang
Former professor of Shanghai University, former researcher of Institute of Robotics, University of Pittsburgh

Before joining Youcan, Xu Zhixiang was a professor at Shanghai University and a researcher at the Institute of Robotics at the University of Pittsburgh. Known as a leader in the field, both academically and in research and development, Xu was awarded the Certificate of Government Allowance in 1993, and the Guanghua Technology Award in 1995. He also personally presided over major robotics projects, including those related to remote control mobile robots.

Miao Zhonghua
Professor and doctoral supervisor of School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Automation, Shanghai University

Miao’s puts him deep into the research of complex electromechanical equipment, intelligent robots, and “robot collaboration” – talents that he takes with him into Youcan Robot. In the past decade alone, he has published more than 30 scientific papers in journals like China Science, Automatica and many others. He presided over 5 national level scientific projects as part of both the National Key R&D Program and the National Natural Science Foundation of China. He has also been awarded the Shanghai Science and Technology Progress 1 Prize. 

Zhang Ying
Professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Information Engineering, Shanghai Maritime University.

Zhang’s research has focused extensively on artificial intelligence, networked intelligent information systems, wireless network positioning, and the “energy internet.” He has more than 100 academic papers and 10 national patents for his outstanding work in these fields. He has also participated or presided over more than 20 national, provincial, and ministerial level projects for organizations that include the National Fund Committee, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and the Shanghai Municipal Commission. 

Company news

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Youcan Robot won the
Youcan Robot won the "Top Ten Management Practices in China in 2019" by world managers
On December 10th, the "2019 China Top Ten Management Practice Forum and Award Ceremony" hosted by the world managers of well-known business management media under Global Sources was grandly held in Shenzhen, China. Youcan Robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was selected into the 17th 2019 China Top Ten Management Practice List!     The theme of this year's selection activity is "Keeping Upright, Innovating and Conspiring for a Long-term Strategy", showing the management wisdom and achievements of outstanding enterprises that are constantly moving forward. These companies and representatives facing the challenges of business development have maintained their strategic focus, based on new growth points, actively promoted, and realized internal management upgrades and reforms, and gave full play to their role as industry leaders. Youcan Robot's management practice of "creating the ultimate experience with the spirit of craftsmanship" is prominent. Representatives of award-winning companies at the event, together with hundreds of corporate elites and mainstream media, shared their experiences, talked about the changes brought by management to companies, and looked forward to the future of Made in China.     Mr. Li Zhiqin, founder and CEO of Youcan Robot (second from right)   Ms. Li Jie, publisher of World Manager (left), presented the award to Youcan Robot (right)   The selection of "Top Ten Management Practices in China in 2019" was officially launched in early October this year. It has received extensive attention and participation from industry insiders on digital platforms such as World Manager's website, mobile terminal, WeChat, Weibo, as well as offline channels such as industry forums and exhibitions. . The ten evaluation experts participating in this selection are from authoritative economic and management academic institutions, excellent local Chinese consulting companies and well-known multinational consulting companies, as well as well-known market research consulting institutions. The total score of each candidate management practice is summed up by means of reader voting, management expert review, and editorial opinion each accounting for one-third of the scores, and finally to determine the most influential management practice in the Chinese business community in the past year, representative companies and companies. representative. Youcan Robot stands out from it. In the era of intelligent manufacturing, it still adheres to the "artisan spirit" to manufacture high-quality products with the representative of "China's intelligence".   Youcan Robot has always adhered to the management practice of "creating the ultimate experience with the spirit of craftsmanship" in the entire product development, manufacturing, customer service, talent management and other aspects. As a technology-driven technology company, Youcan has its own core technologies in terms of hardware, software and algorithms, especially in image processing technology. The Youcan team has accumulated more than ten years of experience and is completely independent in designing with all the core components, modules, sensors, etc., backed by rich resources and the cooperation of high-quality supplier companies, the Youcan team completed the construction of a stable supply chain in the early stage of business.   Technology + user-driven is Youcan's "dual carriage". Consumer demand is the basis for product design and iterative innovation. Youcan launched two underwater drone products in 2016 and 2018, respectively, among consumer users. There are many extreme players of aerial drones, and they have very high requirements for product quality, performance requirements, and user experience.   After collecting user feedback from various fields such as diving, underwater sports, ship testing, water quality testing, oil pipeline testing, underwater search, fishing, aquaculture, marine scientific research, etc., Youcan products and R&D team sorted out the long-term Up to 54 points to be optimized, countless discussions and test verifications, applied to the third-generation products, hoping to launch products that meet the real needs of users and meet the needs of users for the ultimate experience. This process is very painful and contradictory, because it is necessary to weigh the cost-profit and user needs, market pricing and competitive advantages, scheme design and feasibility verification, but Youcan has always adhered to the belief of polishing products with the "artisan spirit", hoping to create a A well-known Chinese underwater drone enterprise brand.     In-depth report http://m.ceconlinebbs.com/bp/?cf=Fast_Nav
“Innovation Times” Team from China Business Network Interviewed Youcan Robot
“Innovation Times” Team from China Business Network Interviewed Youcan Robot
Nowadays, a new round of technology and industrial revolution with artificial intelligence as the core is in the ascendant. The promulgation of the "New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan" identified a three-step strategic goal and raised artificial intelligence to the national strategic height. During the two sessions, artificial intelligence was once again emphasized, and the industrial application of AI and various industries should be accelerated.   The development and application of artificial intelligence has become the focus of attention in various fields. Recently, China Business Network launched the annual special column ”Innovation Times” for the development of artificial intelligence, and invited the leading companies in the field of artificial intelligence to participate. The latest theme of the program is "Robot Story", which selects robots in different fields to show the booming of today's robots. Youcan Robotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was invited as the only representative of underwater robots to participate in the program.       The underwater robot is still a fresh technology products for ordinary people. The ”Innovation Times” column team expressed strong interest in it. The scientific experience officer Professor Sun Zhihua drove to the Dishui Lake in Shanghai to experience  BW Space intelligent underwater drone. The BW Space is easy to use——you can remotely control the movement of the drone and shoot 4K high-definition images with Youcan Dive APP developed by Youcan Robot. What's even cooler is that through it, you can view underwater images in real time, which is helpful to those cannot swim. Professor Sun Zhihua praised it after she personally experienced it.   Science Experience Officer Professor Sun Zhihua Experiences BW Space (Right)     Science Experience Officer Professor Sun Zhihua   Later, Youcan Robot Founder & CEO Snow Lee led the scientific experience officer Professor Sun Zhihua to visit the modern production workshop of BW Space. Snow Lee said that BW Space is produced in a dust-free and anti-static professional workshop to ensure the quality of the products. At present, BW Space is selling well, and Youcan Robot will launch a new generation of robots with more functions and higher cost performance.   Mr. Wang Jingyang, Chairman of Zhongguancun Shuangchuang Service Robot Industry Alliance, said that in addition to price advantage, the advantage of China's underwater robot industry lies in the rapid replacement of products compared with enterprises in the United States, Japan and other countries. With the rapid integration of technology and industry, their products can quickly seize the civilian market after mass production, so they are popular with foreigners. Youcan Robot’s BW Space has undergone rigorous testing and international electronic product certification, and has a complete supply chain and process flow to ensure mass production of its products.   Mr. Wang Jingyang, Chairman of Zhongguancun Shuangchuang Service Robot Industry Alliance (middle)   China Business Network China Business Network is the only financial TV in China that targets viewers are professional investors. Headquartered in Shanghai, it has live studios in Beijing and Shenzhen, and has special observers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, New York and London. Some programs cover the whole country and overseas through Oriental TV. It is broadcasted for 19 hours throughout the day and live broadcasts for nearly 12 hours. The content covers economics, finance, trade, investment and other fields. China Business Network is affiliated to Shanghai Media Group, the first cross-media professional financial information platform in China. The China Business Network channel ensures investors have a thorough understanding of global market conditions and important financial news. The influence of the channel has spread throughout the country, and some programs have been broadcast to Japan and Australia through Oriental TV.   This program has been broadcasted on the China Business Network Channel and the Oriental Financial · Pudong Channel at 21:00 on January 6, 2019. Watch the video of the Youcan Robot accepting the interview of the China Business Network "Innovation Times" column online:
Juli AI Youcan Robot Wins Best Special Robot | First RFC Robot Founder Impact Summit of 2018
Juli AI Youcan Robot Wins Best Special Robot | First RFC Robot Founder Impact Summit of 2018
On September 18th, the First RFC Robot Founder Impact Summit of 2018 was held in the Intercontinental Hotel in Jing'an District, Shanghai. Youcan Robot won the "Best Special Robot" award for its self-developed intelligent underwater robot BW Space.   The summit attracted many founders, investors, media organizations in robot industry and was rich in content. Through keynote speeches, roundtable forums and other forms, the summit provides opportunities for mutual understanding, which has led to the birth of many new situations, new programs and new ideas, laying a foundation for the gradual development and growth of robot industry.   The scene of the summit   Youcan Robot won the "Best Special Robot" at the First RFC Robot Founder Summit of 2018, which not only recognized the achievements of Youcan Robot team, but also encouraged Youcan Robot to play a leading role in the underwater robot industry. In the future, Youcan Robot will not forget the Beginner's mind, continue to move forward, and bring better intelligent products to consumers.
Met Capek | Youcan won the Capek 2017 Technology Innovation Award
Met Capek | Youcan won the Capek 2017 Technology Innovation Award
  On the evening of April 21, the 4th Capek Awards Ceremony was held in Shanghai Grand Dream Hotel. The event was co-sponsored by the Capek Committee and China Robotics Network, with over 700 industry experts and industrial robot companies. Service robot companies, artificial intelligence companies, system integrators, parts and components companies, scientific research institutions, and investment institutions gathered here to witness the birth of the Capek Prize winner. Youcan Robots (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. won the 2017 Capek Award for Technology Innovation!     The awards in this Capek Awards include foreign robots, domestic industrial robots, parts and components, system integrators, artificial intelligence, service robots, industry organizations, individuals, and many other robotic industry fields, which produced about 90 awards. As a leading company for underwater robotic products and underwater video image content exchange social platforms, Youcan is committed to technology research and development and innovation of underwater robot products. It has participated in the selection of the Capek Award for the first time and has participated in many participating companies. Stand out and receive the Peck Award 2017 Technology Innovation Award. This is the most credible and influential award in the Chinese robotics industry. It is a great recognition and recognition of the Youcan robot.       Artificial intelligence and big data are hot trends in various fields. For the first time, Youcan Robots applies image recognition and intelligent tracking technology to underwater robots. Based on powerful computer algorithms, image recognition and information processing technologies, the world’s first BW Space is launched. The intelligent tracking of underwater robots enables the rig to automatically track and shoot underwater, making underwater exploration more convenient and efficient.   Service robots have risen rapidly in China in recent years. From sweeping robots to home education robots to entertainment consumer robots, Youcan started from the beginning of entertainment consumer robots. The BW1 developed in 2016 broke the water. Exploring is the privilege of professional divers. In the beginning of the competition in the underwater consumer robot market, we began to change our thinking. Starting from the needs of users in the market and taking the road of intelligent innovation, we launched the intelligent consumer underwater tracking and shooting drone BW Space in 2018. It is the world’s first underwater drone with intelligent functions and can be widely used in underwater photography, underwater exploration, diving entertainment, sea bottom survey, archeology, scientific research and teaching, security search and rescue, and marine environmental protection.   At present, Youcan has gathered many advantages in technology research and development, supply chain, production, software development, etc. In addition to underwater entertainment consumer robot category, I hope to be able to extend to the B-side smart product line, which is a With a better vision, the intelligent technology will be more used in the underwater consumption field, exert its own advantages in image and video and information processing, mass production processing and cost control, and provide consumers with cost-effective diversified underwater consumer products.   The Capek Prize was established by the Chinese robot network and named after the creator of the term robot, the Czech science fiction writer Karel Capek, and aims to be a robot industry. Witnesses and promoters of development. The Chapak Award has been successfully held for three times since 2014 and has developed into the most trusted and influential award in the Chinese robotics industry. The award is aimed at bench marking strategic visionary leading companies in the robot industry of the year, providing exemplary promotion to companies with innovative capabilities in the industry, accelerating the overall innovation capability of the industry, and rewarding individuals who actively develop the industry. Contribution to the development of the industry. In the future, the Capek Prize will be devoted to becoming the "Nobel" of the robotics industry.

The Timeline of Youcan Robot

  • 2023-2024


    Youcan Robot was invited to conduct underwater drone popular science and research training for Zhangjiang Group Middle School in Shanghai.


    The new product Oceaneye was honored with the 2023 Red Dot Award.


    Youcan Robot was recognized as a "Specialized, Refined, Unique, and New" enterprise by the Shanghai Municipal Government.


    The new product BW Space Pro Max underwater drone was released.

  • 2022-2023


    Youcan Robot partnered with the China Maritime Museum to organize the "Future Deep Diving Apparatus" popular science and research activities.


    Youcan Robot released the new product Dive Master Underwater HD Transmission Camera


    Youcan Robot participated in the CCTV-Mirror Lake underwater exploration live broadcast.


    Youcan Robot was invited to assist the CCTV Science and Education Channel in the filming of "Geographic China - in Search of Chinese White Dolphins.”

  • 2021-2022


    Using One Of Youcan Robot’s Underwater Drones, Suzhou Radio And Television Station Produced A 3 Minute Short Video Entitled “Roaming Suzhou,” Which Was Shown On CCTV News Channel.

    • Youcan’s Underwater Drones Were Used In The Live Broadcast Of The “Cloud Farm” – The Sea Cucumber Fishing Event – Across Multiple Cities And Provinces In China. The Youcan Robots Team Also Provided Technical Support And Assistance For The Event.

      Youcan Robot Was Invited To Host The 2021 National Freediving Games For The Water Management Center Of The State Sports General Administration.


      Youcan And Its Drones Were Invited To Help Shoot The Underwater World Of Taihu Lake In Suzhou In A Live Stream Funded By Jiangsu Radio And Rong Media News Center.


      Rongchuang Group Sea World And Youcan Robotics Jointly Launched A Youth Underwater Drone Training Experience Course.


      Our Fourth-Generation Underwater Drone, The Oceaneyer "Sea Crystal," Was Unveiled At The China International Import Expo.


      Was Again As A “High Tech Innovation Enterprise” By Shanghai Science And Technology Commission For The Second Time.
  • 2020-2021


    The BW Space Pro Was Used In Several Live Broadcasts With Baidu, Including The Underwater City Of Qiandao Lake, Guangxi Wannian Karst Cave, Panjiakou Underwater Great Wall, And Sanya Wuzhizhou. Coral Reef.

    • June
      Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, Diving Forest And Youcan Robot Jointly Held The "First National Undersea Chess Competition" Underwater Live Broadcast Event.

      China's Largest Diving Organization, One Yidive, Used Youcan BW Space Pro To Complete The Underwater Shooting And Live Broadcast Of The Freediving City League.

      Suzhou Radio And Television And Youcan Robotics Co., Ltd. Launched A Large-Scale Underwater Live Broadcast Of "Roaming Suzhou."

      Our Founder, Li Zhiqin, Was Awarded The "Kuncheng Yingcai" Scientific And Technological Innovation And Entrepreneurship Leader Award In Changshu City.
  • 2019-2020


    Listed on CIO Outlook’s Top 10 Robotics Solution Providers for 2018.

    • February

      Our Third Generation Underwater Drone, The BW Space Pro, Was Launched On The Market.


      Following The Success Of Our Third Drone, Youcan Robot Received Pro-A Financing And Established An Additional Center In Suzhou.
  • 2018-2019


    Following the success of the BW1, Youcan established its first Japanese branch in Tokyo.

    • March

      Youcan Robot launched its second underwater drone, the BW Space, and began selling the new design on the market.


      With two successful products, Youcan Robot was able to attract angel investors to help with funding its expansion.


      BW Space was listed on Kickstarter for crowdfunding, and received substantial support from the United States and international community, doubling its crowdfunding goal. 


      Youcan Robot was recognized as a “high tech innovation enterprise” by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission.
  • 2017-2018


    Youcan unveiled its 1st generation underwater drone, titled the BW1, at the DRT Show in Shanghai.

    • October

      Our first product, the BW1, was listed on Indiegogo’s crowdfunding platform, and received considerable excitement and funding from donors all over the world.
  • 2016-2017


    Youcan Robot was founded, registered as Youcan Robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Dec 24, 2020

◉ Won the China Underwater Robot Competition Creative Award
◉ Youcan Robot Obtained its EU Registered Trademark
◉ Won the Capek Prize 2017 Technological Innovation Award
◉ Given the 2018 Spring Global Sources Analyst’s Choice (Recommended by Global Sources Analyst)
◉ Received two awards for Best Robotics Startup and Best Lifestyle Startup at CES Asia 2018
◉ Winner of the 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Innovation Competition·Intelligent Robot Innovation Challenge.”
◉ Awarded the 2018 Autumn Global Sources Analyst’s Choice (Recommended by Global Sources Analyst)
◉ Received the Star Maker Award for Star Maker Smart Entrepreneurship Competition RFC Best Special Robot Award
◉ Was Listed as a 2018 Insights Zhangjiang TOP 100 Honorary Enterprise
◉ Received the 30th Anniversary of Shanghai Science and Technology Business Incubator "New Entrepreneurial Enterprise Award"
◉ Named the 2019 Global Sources Analyst’s Choice (Recommended by Global Sources Analyst)
◉ Listed on the 17th World Managers 2019 China Top Ten Management Practices List



Office Contacts

Head Office

Room 503, Building 16, Lane 218, Haiji 6th Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China.

Email: info@youcanrobot.com

Telephone: +86 (21) 20936568

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