Founded in 2016, Youcan Robot is an integrated company in the world of world-class underwater robot products and underwater video content exchange social platforms. Driven by the concept of "Endless of Exploration", we continue to innovate and develop in the field of underwater intelligent robots to provide users with comprehensive underwater solutions. The launch of the first underwater UAV BW1 in 2016 broke the privilege of being a professional diver underwater exploration, opening a new area of underwater exploration. Introduced in 2018, the BW Space, an underwater tracking drone, is the world's first underwater drone with smart features.



    Youcan Robotics has established the R&D sales center in Shanghai, Zhejiang Manufacturing Site, United States New York marketing partners and Japan Tokyo Branch.

    Shanghai R&D and Sales Center: Nearly 20 members of the Youcan R&D team covering key technologies of underwater robots such as control, pan-and-tilt, high-definition image transmission, VR, binocular imaging, and image stabilization. The marketing team is responsible for the expansion and sales of Youcan's global market.

    Zhejiang production base: The annual production capacity of up to 100,000 units of underwater equipment production line and a full package of supply chain.

    New York Market Partners: The United States is the world’s largest consumer market for underwater robots. Focusing on the United States, it is an important step in making Youcan a leading underwater robot brand in the world.

    Youcan Robotics Japan :Youcan Robotics Japan Co.Ltd is an important step for Youcan Robot to expand overseas markets, and has determined Youcan's determination to expand the Japanese market.

    United States New York

    Marketing Partners

    Zhejiang Manufacturing Site

    Shanghai R&D Center & Sales Office

    Japan Tokyo Branch

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    underwater drone Bwspacepro
    underwater drone Bwspacepro
    underwater drone Bwspacepro
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    • Mar.2016 Youcan Shanghai Company was founded
    • Aug.2016 BW1 Prototype came out
    • Apr.2017 BW1 Debuts at Shanghai DRT Diving Show
    • June.2017 Youcan Robot won the China underwater robot contest creative award
    • Oct.2017 BW1 Completed $60,000 crowdfunding overseas Indiegogo
    • Nov.2017 Youcan Robot had successfully registered the EU trademark
    • Jan.2018 Youcan Japanese branch establishment
    • Mar.2018 BW Space to market
    • Apr.2018 BW Space unveiled Shanghai and Hong Kong and won the Capek Award
    • Apr.2018 BW Space listed in Global Sources Analyst’s Choice
    • June.2018 Won Best Robot Startup and Best Lifestyle Startup at CES Asia 2018
    • Aug.2018 "2018 World Artificial Intelligence Innovation Competition • Intelligent Robot Innovation Challenge" Winning Award
    • Sep.2018 Awarded 2019 International Creatineer Competition Star Innovation Award, RFC "Best Special Robot" Award, Shanghai Science and Technology Business Incubator 30th Anniversary "New Venture Enterprise Award"
    • Oct.2018 BW Space listed in Global Sources Analyst’s Choice again
    • Nov.2018 National high-tech innovation enterprise
    • Dec.2018 Zhangjiang TOP100 Enterprise
    • Jan.2019 CIO OutlookTop 10 RoboticsSolution Providers
    • Apr.2019 BW Space Pro listed in Global Sources Analyst’s Choice
    • Aug.2019 Won the third place in Shanghai Competition of 2019 International Creatineer Competition