Our underwater drone products utilize advanced technology. It is this technology that has led many industries to integrate our products into their services and capabilities. All of our drones are designed for both recreational and commercial use, with applications that include, but are not limited to:

  • Underwater Photography

  • Visual Fishing

  • Underwater Survey

  • Teenager Learning and Education

  • Underwater Live

  • Aquaculture

  • Ship Overhaul

  • Dive Training and Dive Site Exploration

  • Underwater Search and Rescue

  • Marine Research and Protection

Underwater Photography and Videography

Many of our products are sold to those that simply love marine life. Our underwater drones are equipped with Sony 4K HD Cameras, as well as technology that includes anti-shake, defogging functionality, and more. Our drones allow anyone from casual photographers to professional videographers the opportunity to capture crystal clear pictures every time.

Live Underwater Footage

Using MIMO “three in three out” multichannel transmission technology, our drones are able to broadcast to your device instantaneously, with outstanding signal stability. That means that you can use our drones for live underwater footage in television stations, aquariums, and more, or to simply view what is currently going on beneath the surface.

Dive Training and Dive Site Exploration

Our underwater drones can be used to record divers as they advance underwater, or to assist divers and dive teachers by showing what is currently going on under the surface before a dive. It’s a great way to keep divers safe, or to photograph and record underwater exploration.

Visual Fishing

Those that live fishing often struggle to find their ideal fishing spots. Our drones can explore the water for you, finding the types of fish available or identifying the best fishing spots to help you find your next big catch.


Monitor your fishery, observe the growth of the fish, analyze water temperature and water quality, or simply observe what is going on beneath the surface.

Search and Rescue

Our drones can often go where people cannot, used by rescue teams and explorers in underwater search, rescue, and salvage.

Ship Overhaul

Monitor the attachments at the bottom of the ship, including anchors and thrustors, for maintenance and danger monitoring.

Underwater Surveys

Our underwater drone cameras make it easy to go deep underwater – including dangerous or more complicated areas to reach – in order to survey bridges, dams, pipelines, reservoirs, and more. Drones require less manpower, they’re safer, and they can get to places that humans cannot.

Marine Research and Protection

Those engaged in marine biological research, protection, or identification can use our drones for observation without harming the delicate marine life. Observe coral, perform scientific studies, and more with our state of the art technology.

Teenager Learning and Education

Our drones are used in classrooms, aquariums, and throughout educational institutions to better teach marine life, and help others learn more about the beautiful blue planet that surrounds all of us.

If you’d like to learn more about the many different industries and applications that our products support, contact our sales team, today.