China's Original Intelligent Tracking Underwater Robot Makes Another Achievement

Sep 10, 2018



On September 7th, the 2018 Creatineer Intelligence Entrepreneurship Competition Finals and Awards Ceremony was held at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. Youcan Robot won another award. With the completely independent and original intelligent tracking underwater robot BW Space, it reached the final and was ranked the top three in the 2018 Creatineer Intelligence Entrepreneurship Competition. Youcan Robot became a "dark horse" in the field of robotics.


The 2018 Creatineer Intelligence Entrepreneurship Competition lasted more than three months with 200 Creatineer registration project. Youcan Robot stood out from the crowd. After a series of selection, they finally won the Hong Kong Creatineer final. At the final stage, Youcan Robot competed with other four projects, scored through investment institutions' intentions, preliminary online voting, final online voting, and three types of judges, and finally achieved a proud achievement.


In an interview, the CTO of Youcan Robot said, "Our company is in the lead in the underwater intelligent tracking robot industry, which largely thanks to our original technology. There are four main advantages of our underwater robot technology: The first is the tracking function. In March 2018, Youcan Robot first released the BW Space intelligent tracking underwater robot, which is the world's first underwater drone with intelligent tracking function. The second is that we have created a set of underwater positioning system, which is currently rare to see in this industry. The third is the motion algorithm, our anti-shake underwater motion algorithm is relatively advanced. The fourth is the obstacle avoidance function. currently other existing underwater robots have not developed this function."



The research and development of underwater products is a complex and systematic project, which requires very high requirements for related subjects, including fluid mechanics, motion control, image recognition AI algorithms, industrial interconnection, software integration, which is a great challenge for underwater robots practitioners. However, this market is widely accepted now and has huge potential for development. It can be widely used in underwater entertainment, underwater photography, underwater exploration, fishing, scientific research, marine protection and other fields.


For the first time, image recognition and intelligent tracking technology are applied to underwater robot products by Youcan Robot. Using powerful motor algorithms, image recognition and interconnected information processing technology, BW Space can track and shoot underwater target person, as well as automatically adjust the light according to the environment and support underwater live broadcast. It is known that Youcan Robot's products can shoot 4K high-definition images and dive to a depth of 100 meters, with 7 hours of battery endurance and the body easy to carry. According to Hu Zifeng, the technology of Youcan Robot are developed all by the team itself. After long-term accumulation and experimentation, many core technologies with independent intellectual property rights have been developed. This is the reason why Youcan Robot is in the leading position in the industry, and it is also a important weight to win the prize in the Creatineer Intelligence Entrepreneurship Competition.


This is not the first time that the Youcan Robot has won an international award. The Best Robot Startup and Best Lifestyle Startup Awards at CES Asia which is really an Asia's top technology feast and the Chapeck Award for 2017 Technology Innovation Award proved that Youcan Robot has received the market recognition after years of accumulation of strength.


"At present, the competitors are still in the initial stage: no main competitors and leading enterprises in the industry. So this is our opportunity to rapidly seize market share and create popular products that meet the needs of the customers in a short period of time through the continuous growth of our own technology and other strengths." Hu Zifeng pointed out that Youcan Robot has participated in numerous entrepreneurial technology competitions and exhibitions on the road of development. While promoting the brand of Youcan Robot, he hopes to cooperate exchange and learn from each other in the industry through these platforms, so that to drive the rapid growth of Youcan Robot and make persistent efforts to make the underwater robot better.