Exploring the Underwater World Youcan Robot BW Space Officially Started Overseas Crowdfunding

Aug 08, 2018



On August 8th, BW Space, the latest intelligent tracking underwater drone launched by Youcan Robot in 2018, officially started crowdfunding on kickstarter, a overseas platform. The crowdfunding lasts for 35 days, and the Youcan team has proposed ambitious crowdfunding goals to bring the self-developed underwater robot with the best cost performance to the overseas market!



Founded in 2016, Youcan Robot is a world leading integrated company of underwater robots and social platform for underwater image and video communications. In 2016, the first underwater drone BW1 was launched, breaking the professional divers' privilege of underwater exploration and opening a new era of underwater exploration.


In 2018, the intelligent underwater tracking drone BW Space was launched and it was also the world's first underwater drone with intelligent functions. For the first time, BW Space applies image recognition and intelligent tracking technology to underwater robots, therefore it can identify target person within 0.5-5 meters, lock onto the subject, and activate automatic tracking mode. "Underwater identification and tracking are still very difficult, because the light underwater will change and the angle of the object will also change 360 degrees. Thus the requirements of recognition are very high." said Snow Lee, founder and CEO of Youcan Robot.


Compared with the previous generation, the latest BW Space has better shooting performance and stronger endurance. It can support up to 7 hours of underwater shooting, with a maximum depth of 100 meters, capturing more exquisite images by its 4K UHD camera.



According to Snow Lee, although the consumer underwater drone is still a brand new field, it has practical applications, especially when diving is very hot in foreign countries and "playing with water" has become a new entertainment trend. The demand for underwater exploration and filming is constantly increasing, and the market for underwater drones is vast.


According to Jenny Pan, co-founder of Youcan Robot, BW Space's golden sales season is concentrated in summer, and products are selling well overseas based on the inherent advantages of foreign natural environment. For the company, overseas crowdfunding is conducive to increasing the popularity of products and finding suitable distributors overseas.


The shooting technology, dive depth and endurance of BW Space make it can be widely used in underwater photography, underwater exploration, diving, seabed survey, archaeology, scientific research and teaching, safety search and rescue, marine environmental protection and other fields.


Youcan Dive APP developed by the Youcan team has been put on the APP Store and Google Play, and the application for importing video to computers is about to go online.



After the fast progress of recent years, Youcan has established R&D and sales centers and supply chain production bases respectively in Shanghai and Zhejiang in China. And the New York marketing partner was established in 2017. In January 2018, Youcan Robot’s Japan Branch was formally established, located in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. The internationalization of Youcan Robot is gradually expanding.


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