General Secretary Xi Jinping visits Shanghai Zhangjiang Science City | Youcan Robot makes a wonderful appearance

Oct 08, 2018

On the afternoon of November 6, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Shanghai Zhangjiang Science City. Zhangjiang Science City is an important window for Shanghai's scientific and technological innovation and a national-level technical height. A large number of scientific research institutions have gathered here, making this place a core functional area of the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center.


Xi Jinping walked into the Science City Exhibition Hall and watched carefully in front of high-tech booths. Facing the on-site scientific and technical workers, he stressed that:now is the time to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and we must further enhance and accelerate technological innovation. What you are doing now is the most important and crucial part of our stage. It is of great significance to achieve two centenary goals and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. We must seize the opportunity, create a better environment, optimize the allocation of factors, and strive to achieve more major technological breakthroughs. The Party Central Committee will support you.



To show the latest scientific and technological achievements with the companies and elites from all over the world, Youcan Robot took the BW Space intelligent tracking underwater robot to participate in this exhibition.




BW Space is the latest underwater robot independently developed by Youcan Robot with fashionable appearance and intelligent function. It has won the "Best Special Robot" at the first Robotics Founders Conference(RFC) in 2018, the 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Innovation Competition·the Intelligent Robot Innovation Challenge Competition Winning Award, the Star Creators Intelligent Entrepreneurship Competition Award, Global Sources Analyst's Choice (Global Resources analysts recommend) and many other awards. BW Space has many advantages, such as flexible underwater movement, easy operation, portability and so on.



BW Space can be used in underwater entertainment, underwater photography, underwater exploration, aquaculture, scientific research and education, marine culture protection and other fields.


In the future, Youcan Robot will also launch more abundant products, and continue to expand various functions, such as underwater positioning, water quality analysis, underwater mapping, and automatic warning, maximizing the performance of underwater drones, such as tracking and monitoring of marine endangered organisms, marine debris cleanup, marine water environmental protection, underwater cultural heritage surveys and excavations.


On the same day, as the docent of the innovation exhibition area of the university in the exhibition hall, Zhou Yu, deputy dean and party branch secretary of the School of Information Science and Technology of Shanghai University of Science and Technology, interacted with doctoral students to demonstrate their artificial intelligence research results for the general secretary Xi.


Scientific and technological workers told reporters that in recent years, Shanghai has accelerated the construction of a technological innovation center with global influence. As a core functional area, Zhangjiang has continuously improved its leading-edge basic research capabilities and independent innovation capabilities at the source, and has created a world-class cluster of large-scale scientific facilities, which has produced one and another remarkable results.


Youcan Robot is committed to integrating “black technology” into consumer products, allowing consumers to be exposed to the new experience that technology brings to us and enjoy the ultimate service provided by Youcan Robot. Stay true to the mission. Youcan Robot has been moving forward.