“Innovation Times” Team from China Business Network Interviewed Youcan Robot

Jan 10, 2019

Nowadays, a new round of technology and industrial revolution with artificial intelligence as the core is in the ascendant. The promulgation of the "New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan" identified a three-step strategic goal and raised artificial intelligence to the national strategic height. During the two sessions, artificial intelligence was once again emphasized, and the industrial application of AI and various industries should be accelerated.


The development and application of artificial intelligence has become the focus of attention in various fields. Recently, China Business Network launched the annual special column Innovation Times for the development of artificial intelligence, and invited the leading companies in the field of artificial intelligence to participate. The latest theme of the program is "Robot Story", which selects robots in different fields to show the booming of today's robots. Youcan Robotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was invited as the only representative of underwater robots to participate in the program.




The underwater robot is still a fresh technology products for ordinary people. The ”Innovation Times” column team expressed strong interest in it. The scientific experience officer Professor Sun Zhihua drove to the Dishui Lake in Shanghai to experience  BW Space intelligent underwater drone. The BW Space is easy to use——you can remotely control the movement of the drone and shoot 4K high-definition images with Youcan Dive APP developed by Youcan Robot. What's even cooler is that through it, you can view underwater images in real time, which is helpful to those cannot swim. Professor Sun Zhihua praised it after she personally experienced it.


Science Experience Officer Professor Sun Zhihua Experiences BW Space (Right)



Science Experience Officer Professor Sun Zhihua


Later, Youcan Robot Founder & CEO Snow Lee led the scientific experience officer Professor Sun Zhihua to visit the modern production workshop of BW Space. Snow Lee said that BW Space is produced in a dust-free and anti-static professional workshop to ensure the quality of the products. At present, BW Space is selling well, and Youcan Robot will launch a new generation of robots with more functions and higher cost performance.


Mr. Wang Jingyang, Chairman of Zhongguancun Shuangchuang Service Robot Industry Alliance, said that in addition to price advantage, the advantage of China's underwater robot industry lies in the rapid replacement of products compared with enterprises in the United States, Japan and other countries. With the rapid integration of technology and industry, their products can quickly seize the civilian market after mass production, so they are popular with foreigners. Youcan Robot’s BW Space has undergone rigorous testing and international electronic product certification, and has a complete supply chain and process flow to ensure mass production of its products.


Mr. Wang Jingyang, Chairman of Zhongguancun Shuangchuang Service Robot Industry Alliance (middle)


China Business Network

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This program has been broadcasted on the China Business Network Channel and the Oriental Financial · Pudong Channel at 21:00 on January 6, 2019. Watch the video of the Youcan Robot accepting the interview of the China Business Network "Innovation Times" column online: