Lingang Is Forming a World-Class Advanced Manufacturing Industry Cluster

Aug 21, 2019

Han Liyuan | Interface News


Several key core companies and supporting industries such as China Aviation Development Corporation, Shanghai Automotive, Tesla, Caterpillar, Youcan Robot, and Lingang Aviation Engine Testing and Verification Center have taken root here. Lingang built a few years ago to build World-class industrial clusters lay the groundwork.


Photography: Liu Sunan


On August 6, the State Council promulgated the "Overall Plan for the Lingang New Area of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone". On August 20, Lingang New Area held an unveiling ceremony at Lingang Office Center.


According to the "Overall Plan", the new area will build an open industrial system with international market competitiveness. For qualified enterprises engaged in the production and research and development of core links in key fields such as integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, and civil aviation in the new area, corporate income tax will be levied at a reduced rate of 15% within 5 years from the date of establishment. Accelerate the development of the Lingang advanced manufacturing industry cluster.


As early as 2015, the Shanghai Lingang Area Development and Construction Management Committee issued the "Promoting the Construction of an International Intelligent Manufacturing Center - Shanghai's Construction of a Globally Influential Science and Technology Innovation Center Lingang Action Plan (2015-2020)", striving to make the Lingang area To become an "international intelligent manufacturing center": by 2020, the framework of an international intelligent manufacturing center will be initially built; by 2025, an international intelligent manufacturing center with certain influence will be basically built. Youcan Robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is one of the first high-tech companies to seize policy dividends.


"Youcan's upstream and downstream supply chains are basically concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta, and most of the products are exported overseas. Therefore, the international express and logistics business in Lingang has created a convenient channel for the transportation of products." Li Zhiqin, CEO of Youcan Robot, said that the product's The transportation efficiency is largely attributed to these supporting industries in Lingang, and the supporting mode of the combination of production, education, and research in Lingang also allows Youcan to greatly reduce the cost of product testing. At present, Youcan has reached cooperation with Shanghai Ocean University and Shanghai Maritime University. The hydrodynamic testing of its underwater products and the testing of system seals are carried out in the two universities.


BW Space Pro, the latest generation of Youcan Robotics. Image credit: Youcan Robotics


Youcan Robot Co., Ltd. settled in Lingang Zhangjiang Venture Workshop in 2016. It is a comprehensive company that develops underwater robot products and underwater video and image content exchange and social platforms. Zhangjiang Entrepreneurship Workshop is a high-tech business incubation park. Within a year, it has attracted well-known incubation spaces such as Microsoft, Ali, Intel, plug&play, Sino-Russian joint incubator, Zhizhuo incubator, 36Kr Space, and 1B. Li Zhiqin revealed that the second entrepreneurial choice here is also aimed at the promotion of high-tech industry agglomeration in the Lingang area.


To further promote the intelligent manufacturing enterprises in Lingang area to expand financing channels in various ways and support the innovative development of intelligent manufacturing enterprises through technological financial services, in 2016, the Shanghai Lingang Area Development and Construction Management Committee issued the "Special Fund Technology for Intelligent Manufacturing in Lingang Area". Detailed Implementation Rules for Financial Support for the Development of Intelligent Manufacturing.


In 2017, the Youcan robot project passed the approval and obtained special funds for the intelligent manufacturing industry in the Lingang area, with a total of 3.6 million in the three phases. Li Zhiqin said that the Lingang area treats start-ups and well-known companies equally, and this fund is a good help for Youcan to overcome the difficult period of entrepreneurship. At present, the two self-made underwater drones of Youcan Robot have been sold all over Europe and North America. With the support of various preferential policies in Lingang, Youcan Robot is slowly "returning blood".


With the official launch of the general plan for the new area, Lingang has officially transformed from enjoying the radiation effect of the free trade zone into a new area of the free trade zone. In Li Zhiqin's view, the old Shanghai Free Trade Zone represented by Waigaoqiao is mainly based on traditional manufacturing clusters such as physical processing and entrusted processing, while the new Lingang area is mainly for the development of artificial intelligence, aviation power, etc. It is characterized by advanced manufacturing industry clusters. "This is the development direction of the national strategy and the only way for industrialization," Li Zhiqin said.


Li Zhiqin, CEO of Youcan Robotics, participated in the production of the product. Image credit: Youcan Robotics


In addition to intelligent manufacturing, the master plan also proposes that Lingang should establish a cutting-edge industrial cluster with key core technologies as a breakthrough point, build a civil aviation industry cluster, and promote the entire aviation industry chain such as final assembly delivery, production support, operation and maintenance, and cultural tourism services. developing.


"The final assembly base of China Aviation Development Corporation, a major commercial engine manufacturer in our country, and the gas turbine test base and final assembly base of Shanghai Electric are all located in Lingang. To facilitate research and development, our experimental base finally settled in Lingang." Lin Ouyang Hua, head of the Hong Kong Aviation Engine Testing and Verification Center and the Lingang Industrial Zone Aviation Engine Training Base, explained.


In 2011, Shanghai Jiaotong University established the Aero-Engine Research Institute. In 2014, it signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Lingang Industrial Zone to jointly establish the Lingang Aero-Engine Test and Verification Center and the Lingang Industrial Zone Aero-Engine Training Base.


In 2017, the "13th Five-Year" Development Plan for Lingang Area (2016-2020) issued by the Shanghai Lingang Area Development and Construction Management Committee pointed out that it is necessary to focus on aviation equipment and supporting industries, with commercial aircraft engine testing, with verification, final assembly and test run as the core, the research, design and trial production capabilities of aviation supporting materials and key components have been initially formed. One of the main goals of the Lingang Aero-Engine Test and Verification Center and the training base is the development of the national strategy and the high-end manufacturing industry of the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center.


Ouyang Hua, head of the aircraft engine training base in Lingang Industrial Zone, was receiving guests from the WorldSkills Competition. Image source: Lingang Industrial Zone Aero Engine Training Base


In November 2017, China Aviation Development Corporation and Lingang Management Committee and 5 companies in the upstream and downstream industry chain of aero-engine manufacturing, including Shanghai Flying Equipment, Jiaotong University, and Chenglin Environmental Protection, signed an agreement on the aero-engine industry in Shanghai Lingang area. Strategic cooperation agreement.


Ouyang Hua said, "Our main task is to study the engine, which mainly cooperates with the country's component-level testing of commercial engines, including the component-level testing of heavy-duty gas turbine machines. These works are all in Lingang." At the same time, the base also cooperated with AVIC. Shangfa jointly established the "turbine aerodynamic heat transfer joint UTC", developed CJ1000AX composite material blades, and provided testing technical services and R&D support for China Aviation Development, Shanghai Electric, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, and other enterprises.


As of October 2018, the investment in the first phase of the project reached 123 million yuan, and Lingang Group supported 25 million yuan, mainly for rent and decoration subsidies; Lingang Management Committee supported 24.25 million yuan through special funds for the development of strategic emerging industries, Shanghai Electric and AVIC Commercial Development also invested in the project cooperation.


"We connect the original and cumulative innovation work in the school with the industry in Lingang and improve the technological maturity so that it can be used by enterprises and industries. This is the goal of the base." Ouyang Hua said.


At present, several domestic and foreign industry leading enterprises have gathered in the new area, such as China Aviation Development Corporation, Shanghai Automotive, Shanghai Electric, Sany Heavy Industry, and multinational companies such as Tesla, Caterpillar, ABB, etc. Lingang is focusing on key industries such as artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, biomedicine, and aerospace, and is committed to building several world-class industrial clusters that represent China in international competition.


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