Youcan Robot won the "Top Ten Management Practices in China in 2019" by world managers

Dec 11, 2019

On December 10th, the "2019 China Top Ten Management Practice Forum and Award Ceremony" hosted by the world managers of well-known business management media under Global Sources was grandly held in Shenzhen, China. Youcan Robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was selected into the 17th 2019 China Top Ten Management Practice List!



The theme of this year's selection activity is "Keeping Upright, Innovating and Conspiring for a Long-term Strategy", showing the management wisdom and achievements of outstanding enterprises that are constantly moving forward. These companies and representatives facing the challenges of business development have maintained their strategic focus, based on new growth points, actively promoted, and realized internal management upgrades and reforms, and gave full play to their role as industry leaders. Youcan Robot's management practice of "creating the ultimate experience with the spirit of craftsmanship" is prominent.

Representatives of award-winning companies at the event, together with hundreds of corporate elites and mainstream media, shared their experiences, talked about the changes brought by management to companies, and looked forward to the future of Made in China.



Mr. Li Zhiqin, founder and CEO of Youcan Robot (second from right)


Ms. Li Jie, publisher of World Manager (left), presented the award to Youcan Robot (right)


The selection of "Top Ten Management Practices in China in 2019" was officially launched in early October this year. It has received extensive attention and participation from industry insiders on digital platforms such as World Manager's website, mobile terminal, WeChat, Weibo, as well as offline channels such as industry forums and exhibitions. . The ten evaluation experts participating in this selection are from authoritative economic and management academic institutions, excellent local Chinese consulting companies and well-known multinational consulting companies, as well as well-known market research consulting institutions. The total score of each candidate management practice is summed up by means of reader voting, management expert review, and editorial opinion each accounting for one-third of the scores, and finally to determine the most influential management practice in the Chinese business community in the past year, representative companies and companies. representative. Youcan Robot stands out from it. In the era of intelligent manufacturing, it still adheres to the "artisan spirit" to manufacture high-quality products with the representative of "China's intelligence".


Youcan Robot has always adhered to the management practice of "creating the ultimate experience with the spirit of craftsmanship" in the entire product development, manufacturing, customer service, talent management and other aspects. As a technology-driven technology company, Youcan has its own core technologies in terms of hardware, software and algorithms, especially in image processing technology. The Youcan team has accumulated more than ten years of experience and is completely independent in designing with all the core components, modules, sensors, etc., backed by rich resources and the cooperation of high-quality supplier companies, the Youcan team completed the construction of a stable supply chain in the early stage of business.


Technology + user-driven is Youcan's "dual carriage". Consumer demand is the basis for product design and iterative innovation. Youcan launched two underwater drone products in 2016 and 2018, respectively, among consumer users. There are many extreme players of aerial drones, and they have very high requirements for product quality, performance requirements, and user experience.


After collecting user feedback from various fields such as diving, underwater sports, ship testing, water quality testing, oil pipeline testing, underwater search, fishing, aquaculture, marine scientific research, etc., Youcan products and R&D team sorted out the long-term Up to 54 points to be optimized, countless discussions and test verifications, applied to the third-generation products, hoping to launch products that meet the real needs of users and meet the needs of users for the ultimate experience. This process is very painful and contradictory, because it is necessary to weigh the cost-profit and user needs, market pricing and competitive advantages, scheme design and feasibility verification, but Youcan has always adhered to the belief of polishing products with the "artisan spirit", hoping to create a A well-known Chinese underwater drone enterprise brand.