Exploration, never ending: Youcan Robot participated in Consumer Technology and Innovation Exhibition (CTIS) 2023

Jun 01, 2023



On May 30, 2023, Consumer Technology and Innovation Exhibition (CTIS) returned to the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Relying on the three mutually reinforcing elements of "Technology, trade and innovation", this year's CTIS explored industry development opportunities, helped the coordinated development of the industry, established a diversified consumer technology ecological exchange circle, and created a global consumer technology preferred business growth platform around the theme of "science and technology innovation power, brand looks at China".



Youcan Robot participated in the exhibition with its latest released product Oceaneye underwater drone, as well as popular products BW Space Pro underwater drone, BW Space Pro Max underwater drone and Dive Master underwater video transmission camera. It adds a touch of underwater technology to the entire exhibition.


Technology, create new products

At this exhibition, Youcan Robot officially launched the world's first light luxury industrial-grade underwater drone Oceaneye. This underwater drone can be used for underwater filming and photography、visual Fishing、underwater survey、teenager learning and education、underwater live、aquaculture、ship overhaul、dive training and dive site exploration、underwater search and rescue and marine research and protection and other scenarios, which is definitely the endorsement of science and technology.



The Oceaneye underwater drone is equipped with eight motors for more power and faster speed. The vector layout of eight motors enables the underwater drone to achieve 360° full attitude movement. Equipped with an 8 million pixel, 4K HD camera, and 6x zoom camera optional. Equipped with multi-function external ports, it can be equipped with external equipment such as sonar, radar, fish finder, thermal imager, robotic arm, underwater camera and so on.


Innovate, ride the waves

These innovative technologies converge on the Oceaneye underwater drone, making it the focus of the show! These technologies attract a large number of technology enthusiasts, professional researchers and industry professionals, so that they have stopped in front of Youcan Robot's booth to witness the magical technological charm of Oceaneye underwater drones.



After understanding why underwater drones should be equipped with cables, Mr. Li, a technology enthusiast, pointed out: "In fact, radio signals cannot be propagated at a depth of 20m-30m underwater, and equipped with cables can ensure the control of the drone during the deep dive of the underwater drone, and on the other hand, it can also prevent the loss of the drone." This is indeed a good solution to signal transmission. Of course, there is already deep-water radio communication technology, and perhaps underwater drones can also try to make technological breakthroughs in this regard. ”



Ms. Su, who works in environmental engineering, shared with the staff: "The Oceaneye underwater drone can carry a thermal imager, which is very helpful to our work. When we monitor the underwater sewage discharge, we can use the underwater drone equipped with a thermal imager for real-time monitoring, which greatly facilitates our work. ”

In the process of constantly talking with the audience, Youcan Robot not only explains and introduces the product to the audience, but also constantly communicates with everyone where the product can be optimized and innovated. We will continue to innovate and create more complete new products.


Focus, Tech Trends Summit

During the show, Snow Lee, founder and CEO of Youcan Robot, was invited to participate in the Tech Trends roundtable session hosted by CTIS. At the meeting, Mr. Li introduced in detail the application scenarios, future development direction, and development and trend of Youcan Robot underwater UAV. He also analyzed how to position B-side and C-end customers and capture the target customers; Kindly answered the audience's technical questions about the dive depth and endurance time of the underwater drone. Let the visitors and people from all walks of life have a clearer understanding of underwater drones and their development.



In addition, Youcan Robot, as a high-quality exhibitor of this exhibition, was interviewed by the well-known live broadcast platform "Hot Spot Technology", and Yan Yilei, our new media operation specialist, was interviewed, introduced the product types and functions of underwater drones to the audience outside the venue, and briefly introduced Youcan Robot, providing the possibility for visitors who could not attend the exhibition to understand the latest underwater drone technology.


Exploration, never ends

Since its establishment in 2016, Youcan Robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has been deeply engaged in the field of underwater drones for 8 years with the business philosophy of "exploration, never ending". We have broken through many core scientific and technological problems such as underwater signal transmission, underwater transmission, full-attitude movement, deep diving, etc., and created BW Space Pro underwater drone, BW Space Pro Max underwater drone, Oceaneye underwater drone, Dive Master underwater transmission camera and many other technology products that can be applied to both consumer and industrial grade.



Thanks to the 2023 CTIS Consumer Technology and Innovation Exhibition, it has built a platform for technology to showcase and communicate, so that more people can know and understand Youcan Robot underwater drone. We will continue to carry forward the concept of "exploration, never ending", continue to innovate and forge ahead; Create a more complete and more technological new product.