Making underwater search and rescue faster and safer: Youcan Robot participates in The second Yangtze River Delta International Emergency Disaster Reduction and Rescue Expo

May 10, 2023

About The second Yangtze River Delta International Emergency Disaster Reduction and Rescue Expo



From May 8th to May 10th, 2023, as one of the heavyweight brand activities of the "5.12 Disaster Prevention and Reduction Promotion Week in the Yangtze River Delta Region", the second Yangtze River Delta International Emergency Disaster Reduction and Rescue Expo was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). Hundreds of leading domestic and international enterprises and key enterprises from various industries from the field of emergency rescue gathered at a grand event, representing the world's most advanced technology and products, committed to promoting high-level safety and escorting high-quality development.



The first time exhibiting Youcan Robot made an exciting debut with its newly launched underwater search and rescue drones (BW Space Pro Max and Oceaneye rov). Both the product presentation and the demonstration of innovative application scenarios have become the focus of the exhibition, igniting the enthusiasm on site!



New upgrade, ignite the scene




At this emergency rescue exhibition, Youcan Robot launched a new orange underwater search and rescue rov - the world's first light luxury industrial grade underwater drone Oceaneye, as well as three other flagship products, BW Space Pro, BW Space Pro Max underwater drone with claw, and Dive Master underwater camera, which can be used for underwater search and rescue, underwater exploration, such as detecting dangerous areas and situations such as bridges, pipelines, reservoirs, dams, etc, Solve the problems of "invisible to divers, high risk, short underwater search time, low frequency, low efficiency, and high cost" during underwater operations.


Search and recovery missions are dangerous for divers, and time is of the essence. Rovs(remotely operated vehicles)can help search and rescue team finish their job more quickly and safer. BW Space Pro Mix Underwater ROV provides real-time vision and allows you to deploy customized tools, such as 4K HD zoom cameras, to get a clearer view of underwater images and anticipate underwater hazards in advance. There are also mechanical claws, which can be used to grab evidence or important objects hidden underwater.



Guide navigation for underwater search and rescue


At this exhibition, the Youcan Robot underwater drone not only received high recognition from search and rescue teams, firefighting teams, marine work monitoring personnel, but also attracted the attention and visit of many visitors. In addition to showcasing our products, we also had in-depth exchanges and discussions with professionals from different emergency rescue fields, sharing the latest applications and prospects of underwater drones in emergency rescue.





Wu Yan, a member of the Civilian Search and Rescue Team, said with emotion after learning about the performance of the underwater rescue robot with the staff, "In the process of underwater rescue, search and rescue operations are often limited by the depth and temperature of the dive, which brings great trouble to the underwater search and rescue. BW Space Pro Max Underwater ROV can dive to 100 meters and the operating temperature can also reach minus 10℃, which greatly improves the safety and efficiency of underwater rescue. "


Firefighter Gao Nan said, "BW Space Pro Max can dive into deep water to retrieve underwater evidence with it’s claw and underwater drone camera. The emergence of underwater drones can reduce the workload of divers and reduce the risk of blind diving. "


Through conversations with these people, Youcan Robot has learned more about the expectations and functional requirements of the search and rescue team's underwater ROVS. We will continue to study and improve it to better meet the needs of rescue.



Media Attention




During the exhibition, multiple mainstream media outlets such as Xinhua News and Guangzhou Daily visited the Youcan Robot booth to gain a deeper understanding of the company's technological research and innovation in the field of underwater emergency rescue. Mr. Li Zhiqin, the founder, pointed out that the traditional underwater search operation method for divers has great limitations, such as unsafe diving environment, high cost, high risk, and low efficiency of underwater search. The existence of these problems has driven the iterative updating and development of underwater search and rescue robots in terms of technology and functionality.



Underwater rescue, we are serious



Since its establishment in 2016, Youcan Robotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Youcan Robot) has been deeply rooted in the field of underwater drones for 8 years with the business philosophy of "exploration, never ending". All of our underwater drones are designed for both recreational and commercial use, with applications that include, but are not limited to: Search and Rescue, Underwater filming and photography、Fishing、Underwater survey、Teenager learning and education、Underwater live、Aquaculture、Hull inspection、Dive training and dive site exploration and Marine research and protection.


Thanks to this emergency rescue expo, we have gained a deeper understanding of the importance and advantages of underwater drones in emergency rescue, and will continue to devote ourselves to the research and innovation of underwater drone technology, making greater contributions to the development of the rescue industry!