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Your customers are challenged to improve underwater operation efficiency, and you're committed to

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  • Build and nurture strategic, long-term relationships
  • Advance your customers' competitive edge
  • Solve complex business challenges
  • Maintain up-to-date skills and knowledge

As your commitment to Youcan Robot grows, so will your sales incentives, marketing opportunities,

and other program benefits. We'll actively seeking partners equipped to solve customers challenges

in these segments:

  • Drone
  • Diving
  • Fishing
  • Photography
  • Underwater survey, Research

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Optimize market coverage and reach, increase sales productivity, improve profitability and acceler-

ate growth with one goal in mind:

To help customers improve underwater operation more efficiency.

Program Benefits

  • 1. Competitive discount
  • 2. Bonus payment based on program level
  • 3. Advanced training and support of both hardware and software
  • 4. Partner certificate and logo identifying you as a Youcan Robot partner

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