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BW SPACE PRO Underwater Drone

Capture high definition photos and videos underwater with its 4K underwater drone diving camera.

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Escort Capabilities for Divers

Using our underwater drones, divers can go into unfamiliar waters more safely, and come prepared with a full layout of underwater topography.

Powerful Battery Life for Long-Underwater Exploration

Using a 9000mah High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery, our underwater drones have an average battery life of up to 5 hours.

The World's first Underwater Drone with 6X Zoom Camera

The BW Space Pro Comes with a 6X Zoom Undewater Camera, allowing you to get up close and personal to sea life without disturbing the environment. Our intelligent underwater drone camera integrates both underwater shooting and observational functions, all with a 5 hour battery life, 4-wheel drive, and the ability to dive as far as 100 meters. It is easily maneuvered via remote control, is capable of 360 degree free rotation, calculates depth automatically, and provides real time transmission of underwater pictures and video. 


Hot Products

youcan robot oceaneye underwater drone with grabber


OceanEye is our latest generation of underwater drones specifically developed for professional applications. It provides panoramic camera footage, and offers 360 degree full dimension free movement.

bw space pro underwater drone rov with camera


BW Space Pro is world‘s first underwater drone with zoom waterproof camera. Filled with smart-technology and innovation, our underwater drone is changing the way that everyday people are able to enjoy and explore the ocean.

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bw space pro max underwater drone with claw


The newly upgraded BW Space Pro Max is more stable and flexible. Equipped with a mechanical arm, it can grab and retrieve the target object from the water, providing an intelligent tool for underwater search and rescue work.

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Product Advantage

Underwater Mobility

Underwater Mobility

Youcan Robot’s remote operated drones are capable of precise underwater mobility. Their 360°rotation capabilities, the ability to hover at a set depth, and the technology to capture rich detail in multiple dimensions while submerged means that our drones offer some of the most advanced underwater mobility available today.

5 Hour Long Battery Life

5 Hour Long Battery Life

We know how important battery life is for capturing the best footage or photos. That’s why we use a 9000mAh high-density and large-capacity battery. When combined with the motor with high-efficiency diversion design, our systems make it possible for the drone to work continuously underwater for up to 5 hours, gaining enough time for underwater shooting, detection, and operation.

Stable Signal Transmission

Stable Signal Transmission

Using "Ultra Stable", low latency multi-channel transmission signals, our underwater drones are able to transmit at a rate as high as 433Mbps. Pictures and video are smooth, clear, and instantly transmitted up to the surface without any interruption.

Underwater High Definition Imaging

Underwater High Definition Imaging

We’ve equipped our underwater drones with the latest in Sony 4K high definition cameras. Our devices also have special features including image stabilization, digital defogging technology, 1380*2 lumens LED lighting, and real time flexible fill light. All of these features ensure crystal clear imagery.


Youcan Robot’s underwater 
robots utilize advanced 
technology, and are used 
across a variety of recreational
and commercial applications.

Underwater Filming

Our high definition cameras are perfect for professionals and hobbyists looking to capture the perfect underwater shot.

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Underwater Surveying

Engineers and surveyors that need to identify potential challenges in bridges, pipelines, reservoirs, dams, and more can survey using our robotic drones.

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Marine Research

Our underwater drone technology has been widely used in environmental research for the study of marine wildlife and habitat.

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Equipped with analysis tools and 4K video, our drones can be used to monitor fisheries, test and analyze water quality, monitor water temperature, and more.

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Underwater Videos

underwater videos

Come see some of the videos our users have created using our underwater drones.

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service and support

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Recommended by Youtubers

“This is my first time using an underwater drone, but it is very simple and easy to use. All-in-all, it’s pretty good!

August 30, 2019


Canada | Drone Evaluation Expert

“Youcan underwater drones can detect important underwater data, helping us explore unknown diving sites. From tropical waters to ice diving in extreme environments, it performs extremely well!

February 10, 2022


China | Douyin Talent & Influencer Diving Instructor

“This is going to make my fishing abilities even better. It’s not even heavy, very very cool.

January 24, 2020

Hooked On Brooke

Australia | Female Fishermen

“ One of the nicest features of the drone is you have the abilities on your phone to set the depth and angle of the drone and make it stay. 

March 11, 2020

Wonder World

Australia | New and exotic product reviewers

“It offers premium quality and great overall user experience,it can dive up to 5 hours on a single charge which is a really amazing result.

June 9, 2020


UK | Technology Product Evaluation Expert

"It's really the ultimate tech object to be able to explore the bottom of the water. And the material is quite professional and looks really cool.

January 1, 2020


France | Electronic Product Evaluation Expert