BW Space Pro Max

Underwater Drone for Search
and Recovery 

Providing an intelligent tool for underwater search and rescue work

bw space pro max underwater drone with gripper claw

Intelligent Underwater Search And Rescue Robot with gripper Claw

The BW Space Pro Max ROV can independently navigate at depths of up to 100 meters underwater, providing support for the police and fire brigade in carrying out underwater search and rescue tasks. Its 4K high-definition underwater camera and 3000-lumen LED lights can capture, search and collect evidence underwater.
It can also be equipped with a gripper claw. When the drone detects and locks onto a target object, it can grab and retrieve the target object from the water surface using the gripper, reducing the risk and frequency of divers entering the water, and providing an intelligent tool for underwater search and rescue mission.

underwater search and rescue mission

Efficient and Rapid Underwater Search Operations

Whether it's hot summer or cold winter, as long as you are proficient in the three-step connection process of BW Space Pro Max underwater rov, you can start the underwater work within 1 minute. It can enter dark, polluted, terrain hazardous, and very deep waters to perform underwater search tasks, reducing the risks and burdens of search and rescue personnel and improving the safety of search and rescue work

What are the advantages?

1080p real-time transmission

Real-time Transmission of Underwater Images

Equipped with a 4K high-definition underwater camera and 3000 lumens LED lights, the BW Space Pro Max underwater drone can be remotely controlled via a mobile phone, and the underwater images can be viewed in real time to help search for target objects

100 Meters Diving Depth

100 Meters Diving Depth

BW Space Pro Max Rov can dive to a depth of 100 meters, which can reach depths that divers cannot reach, and can enter dangerous and polluted waters, truly solving the problem of underwater search and rescue work.

gripper claw

Equipped with a Gripper Claw for Underwater Retrieval

It can withstand a maximum arm force of 150N and can grip objects with a maximum diameter of 96mm. The operator can remotely control the opening and closing of the gripper claw, as well as lock onto and grab target objects from the ground.

Gripper claw Performance

Maximum 150N gripper force

Gripping Force

The gripper claw is made of aluminum alloy, which has corrosion resistance and salt-alkali resistance

96mm Max.diameter gripper claw

Max. Diameter

The maximum opening angle is 100°, and it can grip objects with a diameter of up to 96mm

Capable of underwater work in dark environments

The BW Space Pro Max comes with 3000-lumen lights which can provide excellent illumination in dark waters, aiding in underwater filming and search operations. The gripper caw made of aluminum alloy is resistant to corrosion and is capable of gripping objects with a diameter of up to 96cm. All operations can be remotely controlled through a smartphone or remote controller.
It features an internal 9000mAh lithium battery that provides approximately 2 hours of uninterrupted underwater search operations.

Reduce the risk of search and rescue 

Rescue personnel should not hastily enter the water. Before undertaking a rescue, they should have a clear understanding of the underwater terrain, water currents, depth, temperature, and other conditions. They should determine the specific location of the drowning victim or the target to be salvaged, develop a scientific search and rescue plan, and track the position and real-time status of rescue personnel during the rescue process to ensure their safety during the search and rescue mission

Why Choose Us

BW Space Pro Max underwater drone is a convenient and cost-effective underwater rescue drone that is an essential rescue tool for rescue personnel

4k high definition underwater camera

4K HD Camera

Records 4K HD underwater video and photos, with the ability to store up to 64GB of underwater images

3000 Lumens underwater Light

3000 Lumens Light

Provides lighting in dark underwater, with a max.shooting distance of up to 10 meters

1.8m per second maximum speed

Max. Speed of 1.8 M/S

Provides three adjustable speed levels - high, medium, and low.

remote control by phone

Remote Control by APP

Enables remote control of the drone's movements and shooting using a phone or remote control

automatic hoving depth control

Automatic Hoving Depth Control

Has intelligent underwater depth control, which can hover and shoot at depths between 0-100 meters

45° upward or downward

Tilting 45°

Tilt the drone 45° upward or downward to capture images from different angles

360° Rotation

360° Rotation

Enables full-range observation of underwater situations by rotating the drone 360°

150 kgf Tensile Strength

150 kgf Tensile Strength

The cable has a breaking strength of 150 kgf, which is very sturdy and not easy to lose

"Easily carry it for underwater search and rescue missions"

The BW Space Pro Max underwater drone has the potential to greatly extend our search capabilities to deeper waters, even up to 100 meters. With an overall weight of only 8kg, we can easily carry it for underwater search and rescue missions. It has strong power and stable control, and can easily withstand regular water currents, making it an excellent intelligent underwater search and rescue robot

Randy L Devine

Director of Rescue Team

January 2023

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