BW Space, the World's First Intelligent Tracking Underwater Drone, Will Start Overseas Crowdfunding at the Lowest Price

Jul 26, 2018 


For technology enthusiasts who have the courage to explore the beautiful ocean world and pursue the ultimate experience, BW Space, the world's first intelligent tracking underwater drone independently developed by Youcan Robot will make them with might doubled, making it more convenient to enjoy the novelty and fun of ocean.



On July 24, the intelligent tracking underwater drone BW Space of Youcan Robot officially started the warming up of crowdfunding, which attracts consumers with 60% off the market price. After 20 days, BW Space will officially launch the crowdfunding, which will last for 45 days, and it is expected to gain popularity overseas quickly with the lowest market price.


According to the co-founder of Youcan Robot, BW Space's golden sales season is concentrated in summer, and products are selling well overseas based on the natural advantages of foreign natural environment. For the company, overseas crowdfunding is conducive to increasing the popularity of products and finding suitable distributors overseas.


The Highlights of BW Space


As the world's first underwater drone with intelligent tracking, BW Space has attracted attention from its peers for its forward-looking application of image recognition and intelligent tracking technology. It has functions with good operability, such as automatic light adjustment and live broadcast. It can take 4K HD images, dive to 100 meters at the deepest, and provide up to 7 hours of battery life, while its peers can only do more than 4 hours. The intelligent tracking function of Youcan Robot ranks among the top in the world. BW Space, based on powerful computer algorithms, applies image recognition and intelligent tracking technology to underwater robots for the first time, and can easily identify target people within 0.2-7 meters underwater. After starting the automatic light adjustment mode, BW Space's camera can also automatically adjust the light according to the brightness of surrounding environment, so as to make underwater shooting more intelligent and smooth, and enable users to enjoy the pleasure of underwater images to their heart's content.


Most importantly, the body design of BW Space is clever, and it combines a beautiful streamlined appearance with excellent hydrodynamic performance. Users can utilize this underwater drone in a rather wide fields such as underwater recreation, underwater photography, underwater expedition, fishing, archaeology, scientific research and marine environment protection, allowing people to enjoy the visual sense and immersive experience brought by underwater HD images and videos.



The co-founder of Youcan Robot said: "Our products are very cool. From hardware to software, from underwater sealing technology to underwater video transmission and image processing technology, as well as the tracker, appearance design, etc., are all designed by our team's independent research and development. Technology innovation is one of our focus, so we will certainly make better products and let the users enjoy better underwater experience. BW Space is able to really help the users by doing some specific jobs such as underwater detection, underwater graphics processing, video recording or data collection ."


Once Again Start Overseas Crowdfunding


Last year, BW 1, the first generation product of Youcan Robot, launched a crowdfunding campaign on the indiegogo, which received a good response. After accumulating more experience in product quality, technological means and production process, the company will show its elegant demeanor with confidence once again.


After more than a year of precipitation, Youcan Robot has developed and created the fifth generation product BW Space on the basis of BW 1. With the improvement and upgrading of research and development, its products have become more mature.


According to Jenny Pan, from BW1 to BW Space, many tests have been carried out in research and development, and the production process will be more perfect. From product delivery to user getting the product, all the links are actually verified and the risk will be reduced to the minimum. Nowadays, in terms of software, the Youcan Dive control APP developed by the Youcan team has been put on the APP Store and Google Play, and the software for importing video to the PC will also be online soon. In terms of hardware, after comparison in many aspects, they have selected a better supplier, conducted many iterations and more rigorous testing of parts. They are confident that this crowdfunding will be better.


With BW Space, the Youcan Robot won the Global Sources Analyst's Choice, 2017 the Capek Prize for Technology Innovation, CES Asia 2018 Best Robot Startup and Best Lifestyle Startup, etc. In addition, BW Space strictly abides by the production process and relevant certification of products to provide users with the most satisfactory service and to minimize the sales risk. According to IDC, an international consulting firm, the market for robots and drones will reach $103.1 billion in 2018, up 22.1% from 2017 and up to $218.4 billion by 2021. Compared with the increasingly regulated UAV market after its rapid growth period, underwater robots are facing unprecedented market opportunities as new applications yet to be developed.



While the entire industry is in a period of rapid development, Youcan Robot's crowdfunding is at a right time. However, the status quo that cannot be ignored is that since 2015, dozens of underwater robots have appeared on different crowdfunding platforms. The breakthrough of Youcan Robot has certain challenges, but its strength cannot be underestimated. Its most innovative and dynamic "futuristic tech" BW Space is likely to become a "dark horse" in the field of underwater robots to lead the industry.